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Yes, the chicken is coming with us on vacation. My wife pointed out that the dog was more of a hassle than the chicken, and she’s right, so far. So we have a chicken named Fifi with us, in a parakeet cage. We ate at a nice deli in a small west Texas town. We were on the patio, so we got both pets out of the car to be with us. My wife thought that was surely the first time a chicken had been on that patio, but I’m not so sure. Plenty of strange things can happen in Texas.

We’re at a family reunion for the weekend. This is not the sort of reunion where you wear a name tag. We get together and have a great time at he old family farmhouse. I recognize most of the people, and assume the rest are family, or friends, but if they make the trek out here, that makes them family. Funny that I have a hard time learning the names of my elders. I was in diapers when we were introduced, and I didn’t quite catch the name.

So I’m sitting frantically shooing away all manner of bugs off of the iPad. It’s just me, the stars, the shining beacon I’m typing on, and an amazing variety of bugs. Well, I’m about to ruin their fun. Goodnight, all.