Finding overnight accommodations for more than four people has been a challenge. A majority of hotel rooms have one or two beds, accommodating up to four people if two people are willing to share each bed.

To accommodate more than four people, the option that hotels seem to prefer is for you to get multiple rooms. This presents numerous problems. Of course, this is much more expensive. It would be nice to have adjoining rooms with a door you can open between them. It seems that adjoining rooms are getting more difficult to find, especially on-line. So there’s a good chance that two rooms would only be connected by a hallway, and if the hotel is mostly full, your rooms might not even be all on the same floor. There is no way that I’ve seen to get a reservation that guarantees that multiple rooms will be near each other.

Hotels often require an adult to be in each room when there is a multiple room reservation. So a couple traveling with children would have to stay apart from each other, and a single adult traveling with several children would not have an option to use more than one room.

So assuming everyone is willing to share a bathroom (except for the rare case of a suite with more than one bathroom), I prefer to get everyone into one room. Online reservation systems do ask how many people are staying, but then might offer a room with only one bed for six people, without explaining whether there are sofa beds or cots available (and usually don’t explain the extra charges for additional bedding).

I have enjoyed using SixSuitCaseTravel to find information about hotels for larger groups. One concept you may find there is “room for 6, book for 5”, if you have small children you can fit two to a bed that the hotel says should only fit one person.

Can we open up additional viable hotel options online if we don’t indicate how people are really staying in the room? I don’t want to cheat the hotel if the prices are based on how many people are in the room. Maybe there are fire codes that are relevant to how many people are in a room? But I know there are cases where we find a room that would make my group happy but we have to get creative with the search parameters to find it.

What’s your experience with trip planning for a group of more than four?