I’m going to start writing about software testing again; an easy way to jump in is to discuss podcasts. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately to hone my technical skills.

The podcast I’m most familiar with that’s directly related to software testing is AB Testing, hosted by Alan Page and Brent Jensen from Microsoft. These guys are right on the leading edge, and they go into a good amount of detail about how they do what they do. They aren’t afraid to express opinions about what they don’t like, too.

I’ve also recently started listening to TestTalks by Joe Colantonio and Testing In The Pub by Stephen Janaway and Dan Ashby.

On the development side, I like Developer on Fire, hosted by David Rael. David has amassed an impressive range of interviewees. I’ve also been listening to Agile for Humans, from Ryan Ripley, Don Gray, Tim Ottinger, Amitai Schlair, and Jason Tice.

I’m trying to become more knowledgeable about software security, with the help of the Silver Bullet Podcast from my former co-worker Gary McGraw.

What else can you add to the list?